Introducing Our New Pricing Structure

It’s been another fantastic year here at Beautique. Body Sense and Beautique have been delivering a range of beauty treatments to the highest standards, complemented by excellent customer service and affordable prices for almost 30 years combined. Our mission isn’t changing, but due to some exceptional talent in our growing team, the way we do things is going to be changing slightly.

We’re humbled by the support we receive from local customers and the amount of praise our team gets for their attention to detail and friendly service. We haven’t increased our prices for over 3 years – something we’re very proud of – and we’re not about to do that now. What we are going to do however, is introduce a tiered pricing structure so that individual members of our team are valued for their skills and talent, and not simply what the competition is charging.

So what does this mean?

Well, many of you will be familiar with this system as hairdressers have been doing it for years. In a nutshell, our longer serving, more experienced therapists will now charge a slightly higher rate per treatment than those who are newer to the team. As many of our customers would agree, our most experienced and knowledgeable therapists certainly are worth it, and are a fantastic influence on the team in general.

This will allow us to give our staff an opportunity to earn what they are worth, rather than keeping them fixed in a flat earning structure. It gives the team something to aim for and offers more motivation to advance their skills and improve their standards constantly. It will also allow us as a salon to upgrade our equipment and invest in lots of nice little touches that we home to implement over the course of the coming year.

We feel our new pricing structure will have something to offer everyone; our first year graduates will remain on the same pricing you’re familiar with (including, Britt, Libby, Sophie and Summer) and our specialist therapists will now operate on a slightly higher rate (Steph, Charlotte, Kirsty, Tara, Debbie, Kay and Carly).

We want to reassure our customers that our levels of service will remain the same you’ve come to depend on, and we’re not going anywhere. If any of you feel the need to change therapists in-line with these changes, please don’t worry about letting us know! Whoever you choose to book with we will be delighted to serve you without question.

Thank you all for your continued support and loyalty and we look forward to seeing you again soon.