Introducing AromaWorks at Beautique

Here at Beautique we’re happy to announce a new range of luxurious, natural products from AromaWorks. We’re always visiting trade shows and sampling products to enable us to stock the very best ranges for our customers, and a few months ago we experienced AromaWorks’ aromatherapy range.

Their products stood out because they’re all 100% natural, with no chemicals or nasties, and they’re totally vegan friendly (something which many of our customers are starting to take an active interest in). What’s more, AromaWorks are a small, UK based businesses  who we’re happy to endorse and support.

So, what’s on offer?

At the moment, we’re only stocking their home fragrance range but expect to see skincare products on our shelves from AromaWorks very soon. At Beautique, you’ll find room and linen mists, bath oils, body oils, bath bombs, lotions, candles and reed diffusers, all ranging from £15 up to £35. Because these products are so pure, natural and concentrate we think they offer incredible value for money.

One of the things we’re really excited about as we start our partnership with AromaWorks are their range of scented candles. Even their small candles priced at around £15 have a burn time of well over 20 hours, and just burning them for a short amount of time fills your home with the most wonderful range of scents.

Whether it’s uplifting or relaxing, the 4 signature scents have something for everyone, with a beautiful combination of essential oils our team have each got their favourite…

Nature contains mai chiang, Roman chamomile, lavender and sandalwood.

Serenity contains lemongrass geranium neroli lavender.

Soulful contains frankincense juniper berry, bay, patchouli.

Inspire contains black pepper bergamot lime mandarin geranium.

Each of the products from AromaWorks are available in these blends, so we recommend trying a few different ones as and when we begin to stock them. As I mentioned, we’re only stocking the home fragrance range at the moment but stay tuned for some luxurious, 100% natural and vegan friendly skincare at Beautique.